Week 12-Artist Conversation- Christopher Linquata 

This week I visited the Max L. gator Gallery West and observed the artist Christpher Linquata’s art work. First of all, I’d like to say that Christopher’s paintings were extremely vivid and alive with color, and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Right when I walked in I knew this was something that I would like. I observed every single painting that he had hung up in the gallery. Christpher said it took about ten months to get every single painting done and that he actually sped the process up, getting all the paintings completely done should’ve took longer. The paintings all had one thing in common, they all took place in one location which is a no trespassing area called “Sunken City”. The reason he was inspired to recreate Sunken City in his pairings is because space led him too it. 

The process in which he created these pairing is he sketched them first into a sketch book, recreating Sunken Scott based on imagination, memory and just making it his own. He never took a picture or actually painted in Sunken City itself. Christpher actually includes himself in the paintings and drew his wife and child in one of them as well. This is Chritophers last year here at CSULB and is majoring in representational painting and drawing. I really liked all the color involved in Christphers drawing and he did Sunken City justice. His Instagram is @Icon5350  



Week 12- Classmate Conversation- Alexandra Mendoza 

This week I met Aleandra Medoza who is twenty years old and lives in Long beach. She is a third year at CSULB so she’s pretty young to be considered a junior already at an University. Her major is communication and she is also minoring in Recreational and Leisure Studies. Her favorite color which also excited her is blue. The color blue means freedom and liberty to her personally. I learned that her favorite animal are Dolphins. She is currently employed at the amusement park Knotts Berry Farm with the position of a security. When she’s not working at Knotts she is also an employee at the Honda Center. 

For her free time she doesn’t have too much because while she’s not working at the other two jobs, she is interning in Los Angeles for an event management program. But if she were to have free time, some of the things Alexandra likes to do is hiking, bungee jumping, zip lining, and skydiving. An exciting event that is coming up soon for her is the Marine Ball. She is currently dating a guy who is in the marine and he invited her to go with him as a date. For her future she wants to become an even manager at the shines center as a career. Her website is: 


Week 11-Activity-Fiber Wall Hanging Art

This weeks activity is the making a wall hanging art made out of a certain fiber. When I first learned of this I was a little bit hesitant because I believe I’m not really creative or at least I think so. But with the help of my girlfriend my wall hanging decoration ended up being something that I’m pretty proud of. My girlfriend suggested that we go to Target to look around and see if we could find anything at a low price. We explored the dollar section and to our surprise we found some yarn and other little knick knacks that we thought would go good together. 
I used a red ribbon and a black/light brown yarn to tie around this wooden piece we bought that could be used as the hanging piece of the art piece. I picked these colors because they looked pretty festive for the fall season, since thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up it would look nice hanging on a wall for decoration. The process started off as me tieing the yarn into the metal piece of the wooden stick and letting if drape down. Then I decided to braid or somewhat weave the red ribbon around it.  


Week 11- Artist Interview- Kathy Yoon

This week I visited the Maxine Merlino art Gallery and had the chance to see Kathy Yoons art work. Kathy Yoons art gallery was extremely interesting to me and she made it seem relevant to people everywhere. We all experience the ups and downs in life and she made it plain to see visually with her clay figures. Kathy used clay to made her figures that represents each period of her life and what she was going through emotionally, physically, and mentally. Her life experiences are basically her life she explained.

Kathy wanted the clay models emotions to be subtle with their emotions. She wanted to let their emotions be left t the audience to figure out. Some may look sad, but she explained they could just be tired or worn out. She related the guessing of emotions to herself because she said often look at her and thinks she sad or upset when in reality that isn’t the case. As for the color in her artwork, she loved how the color red popped out and really catch the audiences eyes. Kathy does not have a website but has an nstagram @Kathy.C.Yoon 


Week 11- Classmate Interview- Rachel Garcia

This week I got to interview Rachel Garcia, she is a third year hospitality major. When she told me her major it excited me because my girlfriend actually a recently graduated hospitality management alumni from Cal State Long Beach. I then asked her how old she, I figured she was 21or older but to my surprise she just turned 20. I asked when she turned 20 and she said September 11th which is also my sixteen year old brothers birthday as well. Rachel told me how in the future she wants to use her hospitality degree to later manage an amusement park. I had never heard of using this degree to manage an amusement park so I thought it was super creative and interesting.

I asked whether she was employed and she told me she has been working at the amusement park Knotts Berry Farm for about four years so far. She started off cleaning but has worked her way up to the position as a supervisor for park services. In Rachels free time she likes to hangout with her boyfriend, he friends, and likes going shopping and out to eat. As for the question of the week Rachel does believe that tattoos are a form f art because it takes crazy skill and practice in order to become one.

Week 10-Artist Interview- Mathew Dumpit

artistpictureThis weeks we got to explore and observe Mathew Dumpits art work in the galleries today. I personally found Dumpits artwork aesthetically pleasing and I was in awe when I first entered the gallery. Mathew Dumpits art work dealt with his interest in mechanics and emotion. I loved the kinesthetic part of the his art, being able to turn the knobs and moving his artwork and being interactively involved. His purpose with this was to build or trigger emotion, any sort of feeling towards it. I chose the picture above because it looked beautiful in my eyes. The light and how it reflected off the steel from the ground onto the white wall to make the glimmer of light moving around sort of in a dancing manner. It looked really elegant and peaceful, so that’s what drew me to it. Dumpits purpose was to recreate the same emotions he had when he created the pieces of artwork when seeing them move in the light or being interactively involved with them.

Week 9- Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley

IMG_1092This week I went to visit Maccabee Shelley’s art gallery which was pretty fascinating to say the least. I enjoyed Maccabee speech in class and it gave me a better understanding of his art pieces. I thought it was pretty interesting that he gave us, the audience/viewer the opportunity to let our mind run a little free and our imagination come alive. He created most of his work with pieces from dumpsters such as glass bottles, and placed them in a fashion to make us question what is means to us when we see it.

He wants his art to be unusual and never before seen to the human eye. Basically encourages us to create a perspective on what we can make out to be real or an untrue reality from out of the world. What I take away from this is to look at the world in a different perspective and have a balance between question and certainty.

Week 8- Classmate Conversation- Leslie Lopez

This week I got to interview my fellow classmate Leslie Lopez. I learned that Leslie is also a sophmore at CSULB, like myself and is only 19 years old. She is majoring in Criminal Justice like my friend Nicholas who is also in my art class. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and going shopping. We both really agreed shopping is easily one of our favorite things to do. Her current job is she dog sits which I thought was pretty different. She dog sits for various family members, friends and even some of her neighbors. I also found out that she loves the tv series The Vampire Diaries as do I and we even when on to talk about how we felt about one of the characters leaving the show. She also lives to watch Law and Order which came as no surprise to me as she is majoring in criminal justice and is intrigued by things along that nature. Leslie is also in a sorority here at cal state called alpha omnicron pi which has her involved in a lot of community service opportunities. This allows her to do what she loves and give back to her community and help those in need. IMG_0967

Week 8- Artist Conversation- Mimi Haddon

Hello my fellow people, so its Week 8 now and I visited Mimi Haddons gallery of artwork, I loved how passionate Mimi was. When interviewing her she really had an open mind and creative way of looking at this type of art. She created her art using over 100 t shirts. She described her process as very hands on. She also used raw materials, ad cut various t shirts mostly made from 100 % cotton. The color of the t shirts that were neatly and intricately strung across the art gallery were vibrant and full of color, majority blood orange which she said she really liked.

She went on to say how she loved all the subtlety of colors and the variety in her art piece. Honestly what drew me to her art was the color which made me feel in a vibrant and happy go lucky mood, and the way she strung the rope like fibers around the gallery, I could easily tell it was a ling process and I enjoyed looking at it. Mimi said she loves the physical action while creating the art work, the tugging and pulling of the t shirt in order to make them elongatedIMG_0762 similar to a rope. Mimi does not have a website for her artwork but has an instagram @mimihaddon IMG_0759

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