Welcome to the Kristal Show ! This activity had us make something similar to The Mina Show but make it our own Show. I decided to make my show taken place in the mountains. First of all, if you know me you know that I am horrifically scared of heights and anything that has to do with it. So coming to the mountains and hiking up steep hill really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I decided to do it with my best friends Cynthia and Gabby, and also my twin sister Anissa. Me and Anissa are the biggest scary cats and are both very much scared of heights. The show is basically us being adventure and thrill seeking freaks who love getting adrenaline rushes doing crazy fun activity. This picture was taken at a pita top on our way up this narrow, steep, curvy road to the top of the mountains. We look so happy and ready to take on what’s ahead of us. But in reality this is was one of my biggest fears. But with the help of my two best friends they got us through the long, treacherous trail through the forest. Honestly this experience was so exhilarating and scary but also a very fun memory that I will look back on forever