The plan for this activity was to try out the French Girls app and see if I could draw something and not really think about it. Drawing is not my strong point at all, but I have it my best try. I ended up downloading the French girls app into my iPhone and I explored the app. I followed various other artist such as new ones and also popular ones.  I first browsed through so many pages and was a little bit intimated because all the drawings look so good! I first took some selfies and the posted some old selfies from not too long ago. I decided to get to my first drawing and it honestly was a complete disaster. I was so astounded as to how all these other artists could draw so well expcially on an iPhone only using your finger. It’s obviously my second picture on here and it honestly looks like my little 3 year old cousin could draw it. I was kind of embarrassed and I knew here has to be other ways to draw it better. I started exploring the the tools more and found that you can draw using a tracing of the original picture. This improved everything by 10x and this is when I really got into it. I also found out that the size of the “pencil” can even go below one as in .5 or even .1! I am so proud of the drawing that j have right now which is the one right below here. It was really easy to mess up but also easy to fix it so it was really time consuming but I think I didn’t my not so candid photo drawing of me justice. (-: