This week was a bit different with classmate interview because it wa sin groups of three. I decided to make a group of two with my friend Nicholas Cedeno who I’ve interviewed before and we ended up asking Cesar Torres to join our group. Cesar is a friend of Nicholas who I’ve seen but never really got the chance to talk to. I learned some interesting things about Cesar, like how he attended Huntington Beach High School and that he’s a second year as well. In our group of three we all shared a common thing in that we are in our sophomore year at CSULB  and we all agreed this is our hardest semester yet. I learned that Cesar is a pre criminal justice major, so him and Nicholas have that in common that they are both trying to get into the same major. We all played sports previously in the past in our high school days, one of the reasons was to get out of P.E. We are all employed and going to school full time. Nicholas works at the Port of Long Beach and Cesar works at Nordstrom Rack. Me and Cesar found out we are both in relationship while Nicbolas is enjoying the single life. Cesar really love EDM (electronic dance music) and he said that listening to this music has made the biggest impact on his life. He loves how the music don’t need lyrics all the time but can still get you to feel a certain way which is how the music producers tell a story.  

This is Cesar’s website: http:/