This week I visited the Merlino Gallery. I had the chance to interview artist Lourdes Matrtinez. Lourdes work was interesting too look at but it was her reason behind it that really drew me to her piece. Lourdes has a picture inside a glass frame that sat on top of a white podium. It was difficult to  distinguish what the picture was until she told me so it kept me guessing at first glance. The picture that was inside the framed glass was really an enlarged picture of earth itself. She found this picture that was taken 66 billion kilometers from earth that was taken in the year of 1990. She was fascinated by the picture and how we here on Earth, and how Earth itself looked so crazily small compared to our universe. The picture is a zoomed in pictures of Earth, and the original picture looked astounding as Earth only seemed to be a white speck in space. Even though Lourdes didn’t take this picture herself, she really loves the photography aspect of it. She thinks it’s really cool on what we can do with photography now a days, and se wants it have a positive outlook. She went on to say how photography is a really powerful tool, and how it humbles her how we can see a picture taken like that and how small Earth our planet that seems so enormous to us is surprising. Lourdes does not have a website.