December 2015

Week 15- Extra Credit Activity- The Kristal Show

Welcome to the Kristal Show ! This activity had us make something similar to The Mina Show but make it our own Show. I decided to make my show taken place in the mountains. First of all, if you know me you know that I am horrifically scared of heights and anything that has to do with it. So coming to the mountains and hiking up steep hill really pushed me out of my comfort zone. I decided to do it with my best friends Cynthia and Gabby, and also my twin sister Anissa. Me and Anissa are the biggest scary cats and are both very much scared of heights. The show is basically us being adventure and thrill seeking freaks who love getting adrenaline rushes doing crazy fun activity. This picture was taken at a pita top on our way up this narrow, steep, curvy road to the top of the mountains. We look so happy and ready to take on what’s ahead of us. But in reality this is was one of my biggest fears. But with the help of my two best friends they got us through the long, treacherous trail through the forest. Honestly this experience was so exhilarating and scary but also a very fun memory that I will look back on forever   


Week 15- Extra Credit Activity- Landscapes with a Corpse

My landscape with a corpse was taken in my house inside my room. The photographic self portrait of my death sounded a little bit eerie but ironically fun to depict. I asked my girlfriend to take the picture of me and she ended up being really creeped out about the whole thing. She didn’t want to even see the picture that she took in the end. I wore my nice knit gray sweater with my blue jeans. The space around me was took place on my bed with white wall, and above me were two decorative frames. I loved getting the frames because the color of the black and white and the flowers really set the mood which was supposed it be somber. Overall this was a scary thing to think about but it is apart of life and it was easir than I expected to do. (:  


Week 15-Extra Credit Activity- French Girls

The plan for this activity was to try out the French Girls app and see if I could draw something and not really think about it. Drawing is not my strong point at all, but I have it my best try. I ended up downloading the French girls app into my iPhone and I explored the app. I followed various other artist such as new ones and also popular ones.  I first browsed through so many pages and was a little bit intimated because all the drawings look so good! I first took some selfies and the posted some old selfies from not too long ago. I decided to get to my first drawing and it honestly was a complete disaster. I was so astounded as to how all these other artists could draw so well expcially on an iPhone only using your finger. It’s obviously my second picture on here and it honestly looks like my little 3 year old cousin could draw it. I was kind of embarrassed and I knew here has to be other ways to draw it better. I started exploring the the tools more and found that you can draw using a tracing of the original picture. This improved everything by 10x and this is when I really got into it. I also found out that the size of the “pencil” can even go below one as in .5 or even .1! I am so proud of the drawing that j have right now which is the one right below here. It was really easy to mess up but also easy to fix it so it was really time consuming but I think I didn’t my not so candid photo drawing of me justice. (-:


Week 15- Classmate Conversation- Nicholas Cedeno and Cesar Torres

This week was a bit different with classmate interview because it wa sin groups of three. I decided to make a group of two with my friend Nicholas Cedeno who I’ve interviewed before and we ended up asking Cesar Torres to join our group. Cesar is a friend of Nicholas who I’ve seen but never really got the chance to talk to. I learned some interesting things about Cesar, like how he attended Huntington Beach High School and that he’s a second year as well. In our group of three we all shared a common thing in that we are in our sophomore year at CSULB  and we all agreed this is our hardest semester yet. I learned that Cesar is a pre criminal justice major, so him and Nicholas have that in common that they are both trying to get into the same major. We all played sports previously in the past in our high school days, one of the reasons was to get out of P.E. We are all employed and going to school full time. Nicholas works at the Port of Long Beach and Cesar works at Nordstrom Rack. Me and Cesar found out we are both in relationship while Nicbolas is enjoying the single life. Cesar really love EDM (electronic dance music) and he said that listening to this music has made the biggest impact on his life. He loves how the music don’t need lyrics all the time but can still get you to feel a certain way which is how the music producers tell a story.  

This is Cesar’s website: http:/


Week 15- Artist Interview- Lourdes Martinez

This week I visited the Merlino Gallery. I had the chance to interview artist Lourdes Matrtinez. Lourdes work was interesting too look at but it was her reason behind it that really drew me to her piece. Lourdes has a picture inside a glass frame that sat on top of a white podium. It was difficult to  distinguish what the picture was until she told me so it kept me guessing at first glance. The picture that was inside the framed glass was really an enlarged picture of earth itself. She found this picture that was taken 66 billion kilometers from earth that was taken in the year of 1990. She was fascinated by the picture and how we here on Earth, and how Earth itself looked so crazily small compared to our universe. The picture is a zoomed in pictures of Earth, and the original picture looked astounding as Earth only seemed to be a white speck in space. Even though Lourdes didn’t take this picture herself, she really loves the photography aspect of it. She thinks it’s really cool on what we can do with photography now a days, and se wants it have a positive outlook. She went on to say how photography is a really powerful tool, and how it humbles her how we can see a picture taken like that and how small Earth our planet that seems so enormous to us is surprising. Lourdes does not have a website. 


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