This week at the art galleries I had the chance to see Tuler Turrets artwork. Tyler is currently a senior here at CSULB and has worked really hard to graduate soon with his Bachelors of Fine Art Degree. I actually loved seeing his art work bc of how each animated character had their own little personality and I honestly thought it was the cutest thing. I liked the small detail like the crease in a characters forehead or a raised eyebrow it really made that character their own. His animated chanracters he created were done either in his computer the majority of the time or hand drawn. Tyler finds himself making these anismared characters on the carton strips on his computer more and it’s a much faster process. He loves to create these animated characters to entertain his audience and viewers by I can also see that he was really passionate about his work and actually has fun with it as well. If you want to find or more about Tyler you can visit his website: