This weeks activity is the making a wall hanging art made out of a certain fiber. When I first learned of this I was a little bit hesitant because I believe I’m not really creative or at least I think so. But with the help of my girlfriend my wall hanging decoration ended up being something that I’m pretty proud of. My girlfriend suggested that we go to Target to look around and see if we could find anything at a low price. We explored the dollar section and to our surprise we found some yarn and other little knick knacks that we thought would go good together. 
I used a red ribbon and a black/light brown yarn to tie around this wooden piece we bought that could be used as the hanging piece of the art piece. I picked these colors because they looked pretty festive for the fall season, since thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up it would look nice hanging on a wall for decoration. The process started off as me tieing the yarn into the metal piece of the wooden stick and letting if drape down. Then I decided to braid or somewhat weave the red ribbon around it. After that I continued to string of yarn from shortest to longest.