This week I got to interview Rachel Garcia, she is a third year hospitality major. When she told me her major it excited me because my girlfriend actually a recently graduated hospitality management alumni from Cal State Long Beach. I then asked her how old she, I figured she was 21or older but to my surprise she just turned 20. I asked when she turned 20 and she said September 11th which is also my sixteen year old brothers birthday as well. Rachel told me how in the future she wants to use her hospitality degree to later manage an amusement park. I had never heard of using this degree to manage an amusement park so I thought it was super creative and interesting.

I asked whether she was employed and she told me she has been working at the amusement park Knotts Berry Farm for about four years so far. She started off cleaning but has worked her way up to the position as a supervisor for park services. In Rachels free time she likes to hangout with her boyfriend, he friends, and likes going shopping and out to eat. As for the question of the week Rachel does believe that tattoos are a form f art because it takes crazy skill and practice in order to become one.