This week I visited the Maxine Merlino art Gallery and had the chance to see Kathy Yoons art work. Kathy Yoons art gallery was extremely interesting to me and she made it seem relevant to people everywhere. We all experience the ups and downs in life and she made it plain to see visually with her clay figures. Kathy used clay to made her figures that represents each period of her life and what she was going through emotionally, physically, and mentally. Her life experiences are basically her life she explained.

Kathy wanted the clay models emotions to be subtle with their emotions. She wanted to let their emotions be left t the audience to figure out. Some may look sad, but she explained they could just be tired or worn out. She related the guessing of emotions to herself because she said often look at her and thinks she sad or upset when in reality that isn’t the case. As for the color in her artwork, she loved how the color red popped out and really catch the audiences eyes. Kathy does not have a website but has an nstagram @Kathy.C.Yoon