artistpictureThis weeks we got to explore and observe Mathew Dumpits art work in the galleries today. I personally found Dumpits artwork aesthetically pleasing and I was in awe when I first entered the gallery. Mathew Dumpits art work dealt with his interest in mechanics and emotion. I loved the kinesthetic part of the his art, being able to turn the knobs and moving his artwork and being interactively involved. His purpose with this was to build or trigger emotion, any sort of feeling towards it. I chose the picture above because it looked beautiful in my eyes. The light and how it reflected off the steel from the ground onto the white wall to make the glimmer of light moving around sort of in a dancing manner. It looked really elegant and peaceful, so that’s what drew me to it. Dumpits purpose was to recreate the same emotions he had when he created the pieces of artwork when seeing them move in the light or being interactively involved with them.