This week I got to interview my fellow classmate Leslie Lopez. I learned that Leslie is also a sophmore at CSULB, like myself and is only 19 years old. She is majoring in Criminal Justice like my friend Nicholas who is also in my art class. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and going shopping. We both really agreed shopping is easily one of our favorite things to do. Her current job is she dog sits which I thought was pretty different. She dog sits for various family members, friends and even some of her neighbors. I also found out that she loves the tv series The Vampire Diaries as do I and we even when on to talk about how we felt about one of the characters leaving the show. She also lives to watch Law and Order which came as no surprise to me as she is majoring in criminal justice and is intrigued by things along that nature. Leslie is also in a sorority here at cal state called alpha omnicron pi which has her involved in a lot of community service opportunities. This allows her to do what she loves and give back to her community and help those in need. IMG_0967