Hello my fellow people, so its Week 8 now and I visited Mimi Haddons gallery of artwork, I loved how passionate Mimi was. When interviewing her she really had an open mind and creative way of looking at this type of art. She created her art using over 100 t shirts. She described her process as very hands on. She also used raw materials, ad cut various t shirts mostly made from 100 % cotton. The color of the t shirts that were neatly and intricately strung across the art gallery were vibrant and full of color, majority blood orange which she said she really liked.

She went on to say how she loved all the subtlety of colors and the variety in her art piece. Honestly what drew me to her art was the color which made me feel in a vibrant and happy go lucky mood, and the way she strung the rope like fibers around the gallery, I could easily tell it was a ling process and I enjoyed looking at it. Mimi said she loves the physical action while creating the art work, the tugging and pulling of the t shirt in order to make them elongatedIMG_0762 similar to a rope. Mimi does not have a website for her artwork but has an instagram @mimihaddon IMG_0759