IMG_0122IMG_0127The artist interviewed this week was Jane Weibel. I especially loved Janes art gallery for many reason. But the main reason is because it was so relatable and interesting to think about. I was fascinated on how she actually thought about this concept and applied it to her artwork to share with her viewers. The whole concept was basically revolving around nostalgia and whether or not we make up memories in our mind based on our environment and what we’re told. The art pieces she designed were constructed artifacts s to represent memories she had or she think she had at least belonging to her childhood.

The pictures I took up there were ones that were a prime example of her art gallery. She explained how she found pictures of when she played in the snow in a sled as a child and remembered quite vividly. But then began to question it, and realized maybe she didn’t quite remember it or the memory itself might have been altered as years went by and she grew older. Whether true or not, Jane recounted the earliers childhood memories she thinks she knew were true and made them out of ceramic, fiber, and rope. What Jane hopes the people who view her art get out of this is reflect on our own memories and cherish precious moments. Jane does not have a website but has an Instagram: @Janemagarette