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IMG_0655IMG_0656This weeks activity was excitingly snapchat. I thought this activity was really fun, relatable, and of course relevant to the culture nowadays. Social media is really big with all the advancements in technology so of course snapchat is nothing new to us college students. I personally use snapchat all the time, almost everyday and if I am posting a snapchat I’ll most likely be viewing other people snapchat stories. Its a way to see what going on in other friends, acquaintances lives and what they want to share with you and others.

I seen my friend Nico’s snapchat so I screenshotted some of his and posted them up alongside mine to this page. I think Snapchat is pretty fun compared to Periscope and Instagram. Although I wont say whose the best I can say I like Snapchat and Instagram the most. Periscope isn’t relatively what peple have or use as often as Instagram and snapchat. They are all pretty easy, and interesting social media apps to keep up with. The reason why I like Periscope less is because I don’t like really being in front of the camera and wouldn’t act natural. I didn’t really know what to do in the first place. On the contrast, with snapchat and Instagram, you can take your time with them and edit them to make them aesthetically drawing to your friends who view them.