This week I interviewed Erika Cobarrubias. Erika was really nice, and friendly and an outgoing person at first sight. Erika told me she is an undeclared student here at CSULB as am I. She is trying to get into the pre nursing program here but if that doesn’t work out then her backup is kinesiology. Her career goals are pretty similar to mine so we have the same interests along those lines. During her free time she likes reading, eating, watching Netflix and also going to Disneyland. She went to Los Alamitos high school which is not too far from Wilson High which I attended. I learned that CSULB was actually her second choice as a college she wanted to attend. Her first choice was UCI, and her telling me that reminded me of my best friend who goes to that school, I also wanted to attend when I was younger but CSULB was my first coice. Erika would love to travel the word and have no money problems in her lifetime which I would love to as would many other people. Erika also is involved with her community and likes to give back and give all the help she can. She has two sisters and she told me her ethnicity is Filipino, Chines, and Spaniard which I thought was very interesting and very unique. Erikas hobby is playing video games with friends. Overall I enjoyed my conversation with Erika. (: