October 2015

Week 9- Artist Conversation- Maccabee Shelley

IMG_1092This week I went to visit Maccabee Shelley’s art gallery which was pretty fascinating to say the least. I enjoyed Maccabee speech in class and it gave me a better understanding of his art pieces. I thought it was pretty interesting that he gave us, the audience/viewer the opportunity to let our mind run a little free and our imagination come alive. He created most of his work with pieces from dumpsters such as glass bottles, and placed them in a fashion to make us question what is means to us when we see it.

He wants his art to be unusual and never before seen to the human eye. Basically encourages us to create a perspective on what we can make out to be real or an untrue reality from out of the world. What I take away from this is to look at the world in a different perspective and have a balance between question and certainty.


Week 8- Classmate Conversation- Leslie Lopez

This week I got to interview my fellow classmate Leslie Lopez. I learned that Leslie is also a sophmore at CSULB, like myself and is only 19 years old. She is majoring in Criminal Justice like my friend Nicholas who is also in my art class. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, going to the beach, and going shopping. We both really agreed shopping is easily one of our favorite things to do. Her current job is she dog sits which I thought was pretty different. She dog sits for various family members, friends and even some of her neighbors. I also found out that she loves the tv series The Vampire Diaries as do I and we even when on to talk about how we felt about one of the characters leaving the show. She also lives to watch Law and Order which came as no surprise to me as she is majoring in criminal justice and is intrigued by things along that nature. Leslie is also in a sorority here at cal state called alpha omnicron pi which has her involved in a lot of community service opportunities. This allows her to do what she loves and give back to her community and help those in need. IMG_0967

Week 8- Artist Conversation- Mimi Haddon

Hello my fellow people, so its Week 8 now and I visited Mimi Haddons gallery of artwork, I loved how passionate Mimi was. When interviewing her she really had an open mind and creative way of looking at this type of art. She created her art using over 100 t shirts. She described her process as very hands on. She also used raw materials, ad cut various t shirts mostly made from 100 % cotton. The color of the t shirts that were neatly and intricately strung across the art gallery were vibrant and full of color, majority blood orange which she said she really liked.

She went on to say how she loved all the subtlety of colors and the variety in her art piece. Honestly what drew me to her art was the color which made me feel in a vibrant and happy go lucky mood, and the way she strung the rope like fibers around the gallery, I could easily tell it was a ling process and I enjoyed looking at it. Mimi said she loves the physical action while creating the art work, the tugging and pulling of the t shirt in order to make them elongatedIMG_0762 similar to a rope. Mimi does not have a website for her artwork but has an instagram @mimihaddon IMG_0759

Week 7- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

IMG_0122IMG_0127The artist interviewed this week was Jane Weibel. I especially loved Janes art gallery for many reason. But the main reason is because it was so relatable and interesting to think about. I was fascinated on how she actually thought about this concept and applied it to her artwork to share with her viewers. The whole concept was basically revolving around nostalgia and whether or not we make up memories in our mind based on our environment and what we’re told. The art pieces she designed were constructed artifacts s to represent memories she had or she think she had at least belonging to her childhood.

The pictures I took up there were ones that were a prime example of her art gallery. She explained how she found pictures of when she played in the snow in a sled as a child and remembered quite vividly. But then began to question it, and realized maybe she didn’t quite remember it or the memory itself might have been altered as years went by and she grew older. Whether true or not, Jane recounted the earliers childhood memories she thinks she knew were true and made them out of ceramic, fiber, and rope. What Jane hopes the people who view her art get out of this is reflect on our own memories and cherish precious moments. Jane does not have a website but has an Instagram: @Janemagarette

Week 7- Activity- Snapchat

IMG_0185FullSizeRender (4)

IMG_0655IMG_0656This weeks activity was excitingly snapchat. I thought this activity was really fun, relatable, and of course relevant to the culture nowadays. Social media is really big with all the advancements in technology so of course snapchat is nothing new to us college students. I personally use snapchat all the time, almost everyday and if I am posting a snapchat I’ll most likely be viewing other people snapchat stories. Its a way to see what going on in other friends, acquaintances lives and what they want to share with you and others.

I seen my friend Nico’s snapchat so I screenshotted some of his and posted them up alongside mine to this page. I think Snapchat is pretty fun compared to Periscope and Instagram. Although I wont say whose the best I can say I like Snapchat and Instagram the most. Periscope isn’t relatively what peple have or use as often as Instagram and snapchat. They are all pretty easy, and interesting social media apps to keep up with. The reason why I like Periscope less is because I don’t like really being in front of the camera and wouldn’t act natural. I didn’t really know what to do in the first place. On the contrast, with snapchat and Instagram, you can take your time with them and edit them to make them aesthetically drawing to your friends who view them.

Week 7- Classmate Conversation- Diana Solis

This week I got to interview Diana Solis. Diana was so nice and genuine so it was easy to talk and get to know things about her. Diana is majoring in Sociology and I was very surprised to hear that this is her last semester here at CSULB. I then went on to ask her age and I was shocked to hear that Diana is 24 years old, the same age as my girlfriend which was pretty interesting. She said how her classes are all pretty easy this last semester since their majority electives. Diana is thinking of counseling as a career choice or social work which makes sense considering her major. She will be “walking” at the CSULB graduation ceremony after spring semester next year. Some of her favorite things to do are going to the beach, hiking, and just watching movies at home while relaxing. Her favorite tv show right now is Orange Is the New Black and I love that show as well.

She currently works at Michaels which is across the street from Lakewood Mall, and used to work at a ice cream shop called Coldstone. I thought this was pretty funny since I work at an ice cream shop but not the same one, regardless we both have dealt with ice cream in our past jobs haha. The question of the week was what crazy hair color would she dye it and her response was slight purple or light pink. Another crazy, surprising thing I learned about Diana is she literally lives down the street from me. All in all, I enjoyed my conversation with Diana and one thing I noticed about her was her makeup it looked beautiful. FullSizeRender (3)

Week 6- Activity- Periscope

This week our activity was to broadcast our lives onto an app called Periscope. I actually did really enjoy this activity. I had some fun with it even though it was a bit weird being on camera since I am definitely on used to being recorded or in videos. I used periscope at various places such as going out to eat with my sister, hangout out at school, and hanging out with friends. I just recorded myself doing normal things I would do daily, and it was really interesting to me. The guest speaker who came to our class actually did really open my mind about the internet, people, and just life in general. It made me think outside the box and its always cool to learn about new things. I also viewed some of my friends persicopes and enjoyed seeing what hey were doing daily too.

Week 6- Classmate Conversation- Erika Cobarrubias

This week I interviewed Erika Cobarrubias. Erika was really nice, and friendly and an outgoing person at first sight. Erika told me she is an undeclared student here at CSULB as am I. She is trying to get into the pre nursing program here but if that doesn’t work out then her backup is kinesiology. Her career goals are pretty similar to mine so we have the same interests along those lines. During her free time she likes reading, eating, watching Netflix and also going to Disneyland. She went to Los Alamitos high school which is not too far from Wilson High which I attended. I learned that CSULB was actually her second choice as a college she wanted to attend. Her first choice was UCI, and her telling me that reminded me of my best friend who goes to that school, I also wanted to attend when I was younger but CSULB was my first coice. Erika would love to travel the word and have no money problems in her lifetime which I would love to as would many other people. Erika also is involved with her community and likes to give back and give all the help she can. She has two sisters and she told me her ethnicity is Filipino, Chines, and Spaniard which I thought was very interesting and very unique. Erikas hobby is playing video games with friends. Overall I enjoyed my conversation with Erika. (:

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