IMG_5529 My new friend that I got to know a bit better this week is Marisol Gonzalez and she was my classmate who I started a conversation with for this week. I met Marisol I think on the first or second day of school and she was so nice and bubbly it made me feel a lot more comfortable because of her sincerity. Marisols major is in child development, and with her friendly and smiley personality that seemed to fit her well to me. She likes working with kid and thinks their cute, so she pretty much get along pretty good with kids. Marisol also has an interest in soccer and has been playing it for a while now. I quit over a year ago so it was refreshing to hear someone who has a love for the sport and still continues to play recreationally.

Some hobbies that Marisol enjoys doing for fun are dancing, hanging out with her friends or family and of course her boyfriend. Her boyfriend actually attends the LBCC, but gets to see him here and there. She went to Milikan High school and after talking about it we probably played against each other since I played for Wilson High School and we are both in our second year of college. Marisols reply to the question “What are you swimming in?”, is she “swims” at CSULB in order to educate herself and make her parents proud. Being independent is what shes learning and at this age everybody has to come to terms with it.