artist4 artist3 The artist conversation this week got a little more intense and darker to my liking. The conversation with this weeks artist was located in the Max L. Gatov art gallery with David Mendoza. David doesn’t have a website but said we can find him on Facebook it we wanted too. Davids artwork represented a more darker side to art and the fear that lies within the human mind. Him and his fellow artist Vanessa gallery was named “Disquieting”. The painting I chose was Davids artwork titled “Deadlights”. As you can see in the picture below, the painting features clown surrounded by human skulls in shades of neon green and purple. It gives an eerie vibe and it stood out to me because I have had a small fear of clowns since I was a child.

David explained that his inspirations for his paintings come from horror movies which was pretty original and I was intrigued. David had a humorous personality and these paintings seemed to match him oddly. He posed for pictures and looked like he was having pretty fun with it. He said his favorite horror film is The Shining. He was inspired to become an artist because he was good at it and people liked his paintings which really encouraged him. He stated “art means freedom of expression, its the window to the soul”. David is very open to where he sees himself in the future.

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