secondoneMy interview with a classmate this weeks was actually a really nice experience because it was with someone I never spoke to before. Sam, my interviewee,  approached me and asked me if I had interviewed anybody then I replied, “no,” so that’s  when we decided to interview each other. Sam was all smiles and was really friendly. Sam’s response to my question, “What does art mean to her?” was, “It’s how people express themselves and release stress”. She is from Santa Cruz, California and came out to attend school here at Cal State Long Beach. We shared some common interests such as a liking in sports. We both played soccer in the past and stopped after high school. She is in her third year at cal state and is a criminal law major. He aspirations are to become police officer because of her aunt who is a former cop. Her current job is working as a lifeguard and also teaches swim lessons to kids. She used to dorm here her freshman year but now has an apartment near school.