IMG_5286(1)These were my two posts that I took and let anybody see on in the Instagram world. I definitely seen tons of connections to many of the other fellow colleague here in Art 110. Although each of us in this class here at CSULB are living our own separate lives and experience many different situations. School is sort of where we all come together as a whole and try to accomplish all the same and try and see what success can come out of it. As I scrolled through the various pictures I came across so many unrecognizable faces and also some familiar faces. But nevertheless, us students were up to the same things such as getting up early in the morning on the way to school. Walking what seems like 20 miles from our cars to our classrooms. As well as little morning routines like getting coffee, or going for a run. It was really intriguing to observe that although we are all so unique and different, we are similar in way you cannot deny.