For this weeks activity our class took a trip to the art galleries for the first time. I was pretty excited as I have never really gotten the chance to admire art, so this was overall something new that I was pleasantly surprised about. I ended up choosing the Marilyn Werby Gallery. This was a special gallery because it was dedicated to a group of artists who got together and decided to create a project with organizations of people of disease, cross culture or in need. The project is named “Cross-cultural and Community-based Practices in Art”. When I arrived there was one artist out of the group who originally created the project. This artist that I interviewed is Kayla R. Workman.

Kayla R. Workman described the group of people in the community she got to work hands on with. She said the group of people she worked with were from the Acacia Adult Day Services. This group were elderly people who have the disease Alzheimer. I could tell she had a connection deeper than the reason that she wanted to help those in need. She explained that when she was younger she found out that her great uncle had Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, the reason she wanted to get closer to people of this disease was to gain more of an understanding of it because her great uncle lived with it. She wanted to experience it hands on and interpret their feelings and thoughts through art itself.

Specifically, the art project the elderly people took on was the Notan glass pieces that sere displayed in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. When asked about the Notan piece of art Kayla explained to us the deeper meaning. The display in the gallery were pieces of square glass with different painting on them. These glass paintings have various colors and have black backgrounds, and cast a shadows of the painting from the glass from light also hitting it. The reflection from the dark-light design concept really put a focus on each painting hanging from the wall, each representing a different idea or feeling. IMG_5188I found all this really inspiring because so many people suffer from this disease and we have yet to find a way to cure it. My great grandma had it as well, and I too never really understood it as a child until I matured and gained more knowledge of people who suffer from this disease. The fact that Kayla took part in this group to help these people and try to add some creativity and fun into their life was just amazing.