This week was the first week where we started getting into the conversations with our fellow classmates. So I decided to do my first one with my friend Nico Cedeno. Me and Nico actually went to the same art gallery and looked around together before getting into our little conversation. Ive actually known Nico since the 6th grade but we lost contact after middle school pretty much since he went to Lakewood High School and I went to Wilson. The conversation we had assigned this week actually let me know him a bit more so it was kind of like we got to catch up on how different our lives are at this point since we were 11 years old.

Nico is currently a criminal justice major which I found very interesting since I don’t know too many people with that major or the same interests. He has a passion for law enforcement, justice, and pretty much keeping things in order. He loves to keep fit by running as he started up track in high school which was also news to me. The fact that we both have a history of sports sometime throughout our life gave us new things to talk about which was fun. He also told me about his current job working for an independently owned school as a counselor to kids which he loves. He said its pretty easy going and dealing with kids are nothing out of the ordinary to him. Nico actually has another class with me here at school, its history 173 so we get to talk to each other in that class. He loves CSULB as do I so we pretty much have similar qualities. This activity allowed me to know more about Nico which was pretty fun and we found we have similar interest.