September 2015

Week 5- Classmate Conversation – Marisol

IMG_5529 My new friend that I got to know a bit better this week is Marisol Gonzalez and she was my classmate who I started a conversation with for this week. I met Marisol I think on the first or second day of school and she was so nice and bubbly it made me feel a lot more comfortable because of her sincerity. Marisols major is in child development, and with her friendly and smiley personality that seemed to fit her well to me. She likes working with kid and thinks their cute, so she pretty much get along pretty good with kids. Marisol also has an interest in soccer and has been playing it for a while now. I quit over a year ago so it was refreshing to hear someone who has a love for the sport and still continues to play recreationally.

Some hobbies that Marisol enjoys doing for fun are dancing, hanging out with her friends or family and of course her boyfriend. Her boyfriend actually attends the LBCC, but gets to see him here and there. She went to Milikan High school and after talking about it we probably played against each other since I played for Wilson High School and we are both in our second year of college. Marisols reply to the question “What are you swimming in?”, is she “swims” at CSULB in order to educate herself and make her parents proud. Being independent is what shes learning and at this age everybody has to come to terms with it.


Week 4- Classmate Conversation- Sam McFeely

secondoneMy interview with a classmate this weeks was actually a really nice experience because it was with someone I never spoke to before. Sam, my interviewee,  approached me and asked me if I had interviewed anybody then I replied, “no,” so that’s  when we decided to interview each other. Sam was all smiles and was really friendly. Sam’s response to my question, “What does art mean to her?” was, “It’s how people express themselves and release stress”. She is from Santa Cruz, California and came out to attend school here at Cal State Long Beach. We shared some common interests such as a liking in sports. We both played soccer in the past and stopped after high school. She is in her third year at cal state and is a criminal law major. He aspirations are to become police officer because of her aunt who is a former cop. Her current job is working as a lifeguard and also teaches swim lessons to kids. She used to dorm here her freshman year but now has an apartment near school.

Week4- Artist Conversation- David Mendoza

artist4 artist3 The artist conversation this week got a little more intense and darker to my liking. The conversation with this weeks artist was located in the Max L. Gatov art gallery with David Mendoza. David doesn’t have a website but said we can find him on Facebook it we wanted too. Davids artwork represented a more darker side to art and the fear that lies within the human mind. Him and his fellow artist Vanessa gallery was named “Disquieting”. The painting I chose was Davids artwork titled “Deadlights”. As you can see in the picture below, the painting features clown surrounded by human skulls in shades of neon green and purple. It gives an eerie vibe and it stood out to me because I have had a small fear of clowns since I was a child.

David explained that his inspirations for his paintings come from horror movies which was pretty original and I was intrigued. David had a humorous personality and these paintings seemed to match him oddly. He posed for pictures and looked like he was having pretty fun with it. He said his favorite horror film is The Shining. He was inspired to become an artist because he was good at it and people liked his paintings which really encouraged him. He stated “art means freedom of expression, its the window to the soul”. David is very open to where he sees himself in the future.

artist2 artist

Week 4- 2D Art- Painting

This week’s assignment was “painting”. The activity was about creating our own name using spray paint with the style of bubble letters. The first step was finding somewhere legal to complete the art so I decided to use a wooden door that I found laying around in my backyard. I chose the colors lavender and gold because I thought it would contrast best together, but unfortunately that did not happen at all. I started it on Sunday September 20th, 2015 at approximately 1:00 pm and this happen to be one of the hottest times of the day. I anticipated this to be pretty difficult because of the fact that I have never really been much of a artist, nonetheless a graffiti artist. I first used the lavender spray paint and was hesitant because I didn’t want to make any mistakes.

When I first sprayed it I was surprised about how much of it came out and learned to spray from at least an inch or so off the surface. I decided to spray paint my nickname since it seemed more of a fit for tagging. I then used the gold spray paint, but seeing it on the white wooden door the color looked more like a gray color. The lavender and the gold spray pant kind of looked similar more than the contrast I was hoping for. The outcome of the bubble letter spray paint actually was easier than I thought it was going to be. I was pretty proud of how it came out, and the whole process was really fun. I enjoyed this activity probably the best so far.


Week 3-Instagram Activity

IMG_5286(1)These were my two posts that I took and let anybody see on in the Instagram world. I definitely seen tons of connections to many of the other fellow colleague here in Art 110. Although each of us in this class here at CSULB are living our own separate lives and experience many different situations. School is sort of where we all come together as a whole and try to accomplish all the same and try and see what success can come out of it. As I scrolled through the various pictures I came across so many unrecognizable faces and also some familiar faces. But nevertheless, us students were up to the same things such as getting up early in the morning on the way to school. Walking what seems like 20 miles from our cars to our classrooms. As well as little morning routines like getting coffee, or going for a run. It was really intriguing to observe that although we are all so unique and different, we are similar in way you cannot deny.

Week 3-Artist Conversation- Kayla R. Workman

For this weeks activity our class took a trip to the art galleries for the first time. I was pretty excited as I have never really gotten the chance to admire art, so this was overall something new that I was pleasantly surprised about. I ended up choosing the Marilyn Werby Gallery. This was a special gallery because it was dedicated to a group of artists who got together and decided to create a project with organizations of people of disease, cross culture or in need. The project is named “Cross-cultural and Community-based Practices in Art”. When I arrived there was one artist out of the group who originally created the project. This artist that I interviewed is Kayla R. Workman.

Kayla R. Workman described the group of people in the community she got to work hands on with. She said the group of people she worked with were from the Acacia Adult Day Services. This group were elderly people who have the disease Alzheimer. I could tell she had a connection deeper than the reason that she wanted to help those in need. She explained that when she was younger she found out that her great uncle had Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, the reason she wanted to get closer to people of this disease was to gain more of an understanding of it because her great uncle lived with it. She wanted to experience it hands on and interpret their feelings and thoughts through art itself.

Specifically, the art project the elderly people took on was the Notan glass pieces that sere displayed in the Marilyn Werby Gallery. When asked about the Notan piece of art Kayla explained to us the deeper meaning. The display in the gallery were pieces of square glass with different painting on them. These glass paintings have various colors and have black backgrounds, and cast a shadows of the painting from the glass from light also hitting it. The reflection from the dark-light design concept really put a focus on each painting hanging from the wall, each representing a different idea or feeling. IMG_5188I found all this really inspiring because so many people suffer from this disease and we have yet to find a way to cure it. My great grandma had it as well, and I too never really understood it as a child until I matured and gained more knowledge of people who suffer from this disease. The fact that Kayla took part in this group to help these people and try to add some creativity and fun into their life was just amazing.


Week 3- Classmate Conversation- Nico Cedeno


This week was the first week where we started getting into the conversations with our fellow classmates. So I decided to do my first one with my friend Nico Cedeno. Me and Nico actually went to the same art gallery and looked around together before getting into our little conversation. Ive actually known Nico since the 6th grade but we lost contact after middle school pretty much since he went to Lakewood High School and I went to Wilson. The conversation we had assigned this week actually let me know him a bit more so it was kind of like we got to catch up on how different our lives are at this point since we were 11 years old.

Nico is currently a criminal justice major which I found very interesting since I don’t know too many people with that major or the same interests. He has a passion for law enforcement, justice, and pretty much keeping things in order. He loves to keep fit by running as he started up track in high school which was also news to me. The fact that we both have a history of sports sometime throughout our life gave us new things to talk about which was fun. He also told me about his current job working for an independently owned school as a counselor to kids which he loves. He said its pretty easy going and dealing with kids are nothing out of the ordinary to him. Nico actually has another class with me here at school, its history 173 so we get to talk to each other in that class. He loves CSULB as do I so we pretty much have similar qualities. This activity allowed me to know more about Nico which was pretty fun and we found we have similar interest.

Week 2 – plaster hand casting

Plaster hand cast
Plaster hand cast

Hello! So my class assignment for this week was to make a plaster sand casting of my hand. In order to this you pretty much had to go the beach for this mini project. It actually was a pretty good excuse to the beach, I have only been to the beach a couple of times this summer and of course the beach is the go to spot during the summer. Doing this was pretty relaxing and a good time considering the fact it’s always nice to go to the beach during the summer. I decided to take my younger cousin Claudia since she’s pretty much obsessed with the beach so it was perfect. We brought beach towels, as well the tools needed for the project, and some water to hydrate on that hot day. The day I ended up going was Saturday, September 5th. When we first got to Mothers Beach we brought a mini shovel and started to dig a hole near the shore but not to close of course. Then my cousin helped to bury my hand in the hole and I let it sit so it wouldn’t break. After I took my hand out we dumped the plaster into the bucket and used the player container to gather water to put in the bucket. We stirred it up pretty vigorously and poured it in time for it not to harden lucky enough . We waited and relaxed, listened to music and put our feet in the water. The lifeguard ended up coming by and was interested in what we we were up too. He thought it was pretty cool we had to do an assignment like this one and I agreed. After about 30 minutes we slowly but surely dug up the hand casting. I was more than happy to see it, it was a lot heavier and solid then I thought it would be. After we got a good enough picture me and my cousin decided to go get an acai bowl from nekter and it was a pretty satisfying morning I have to say.

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