artpicHi I’m Kristal and I am an undeclared as of right now. This is my second year as a student attending CSULB and I love it. My career dreams are to eventually become¬† pediatric nurse, mainly specializing with rehabilitation of patients who deal with pulmonary issues such as asthma. I myself have pretty bad asthma and have been dealing with it since I was born so I have a pretty good understanding of what people with breathing problems deal with daily. I genuinely just want to help those in need and if I can better them in anyway then my job will¬† done. My hobbies are pretty much what any young person likes to do, hanging out with my friends and of course my significant other. I love soccer, grew up playing it as a sport but recently stopped over a year ago. I still enjoy watching it and learning about it because it pretty much was my life for nearly 11 years. I work at Baskin Robbins, been there for over a year now and its not that easy as many would think. It does wear down my body and my arm and hand never stops aching. Scooping isn’t that easy haha (-; Anyways I am pretty excited to be writing here as a blog site, I’ve ever tried it before it’s my first time so it surprisingly fun! I guess I’ll write on here for the next upcoming Sundays for the rest of the semester.Adios!